Building Process

  1. Custom Plan Design

    To assist you to have the exact plan you want, just go to our Resources page which has links to over 15,000 different home plans that can be retrieved by style of of home and square footage. When you find the one that is similar to the plan you like we then sit down with one of our plan designers and draw the exact plan you want.

  2. On time completion Guarantee

    We will guarantee in writing when you home will be completed.

  3. Before we start we will go over every aspect of your project. We encourage your questions.
  4. Pre Dry Wall Review

    After the home is framed and the electric, plumbing heating, air conditioning and insulation has been installed, we do a walk through so you can see the quality that goes inside your walls.

  5. Before Closing Walkthrough

    Before closing we walk the house with you to make sure everything has been done properly and have installed your selections. At this time we review the key points about maintenance and explain your warranty in detail.

  6. Six Month and One Year Walkthrough

    At this time we address any issues that have surfaced and schedule any items that need attention.

  7. Total Satisfaction

    It is our intention for our customers to be totally satisfied and have the best homebuilding experience possible.