We Are Green
Our Commitment to the Environment

We are committed to building homes that are environmentally friendly. The following are just a few key features that reduce your home’s energy demand and save you money.

Save up to 40%

on your heating and cooling with your Hillcrest Homes green built home!

  • Energy saver hot water tanks have extra insulation surrounding the tank and thermostatic controls to maintain proper temperature.
  • Insulation on basement walls – Minimum R-3.3 Basement Insulation installed 2 feet below grade to reduce energy loss.
  • Low e-glass in windows cutting down on energy costs and protecting fabrics and carpet from fading.
  • High efficiency gas furnaces that are 95% efficient.
  • Building envelope – the average home has hundreds, if not thousands, of small holes which heated or cooled air escapes to outside. A tightly sealed and properly ventilated home will not only reduce your energy bills but also improve you homes indoor air quality.
  • “State of the Art” NuWool Insulation made from recycled newspaper that is treated with non-toxic, EPA certified, fungicide to make your home mold and mildew resistant!

Protecting your Investment

  • Steel insulated exterior door
  • FLow guard gold cpvc pipe
  • 13 seer air conditioning or heat pumps
  • Upgrade insulation package
  • Low e-glass
  • Energy saving dishwashers
  • Ductless range hood
  • Energy saver hot water tanks
  • Insulation on basement walls
  • Extra insulation around all heat runs in garage area
  • Positive closing dryer vent cover
  • Sill sealer
  • Exterior caulking around windows and doors
  • Sealed openings for piping and wiring
  • Low-e sliding glass doors with thermal break frames
  • R-13 or greater full wall insulation
  • Attic ventilation
  • Sealed and insulate attic access panel